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Printedfabrics offers a service that allows big and small projects to become alive quickly and at a reasonable price, directly from the website too, where we are ready to receive, elaborate and deliver your project 24/7, 365 days per year.
We propose 2 collections every year, a great number of further developments upon request, and you can select the right fabric for your purpose among hundreds of different fabrics with a range of different finishings. Production has a wide range of looms, printing machinery, dyehouse and finishing plants that allows you to have samples and huge production ready in short time and with the made in Italy quality fabric. In our showroom in the headquarter you can see and touch literally thousands fabric you can select to create your own fashion product!

Printedfabrics has representatives and showrooms all over the world. Our specialized agents can assist you finding the right choice based on your preferences and needs. In our showrooms you will see, feel and touch in person the quality of our products.
We have showrooms in Barcelona, Berlin, Bologna, Bruxelles, Helsinki, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Milan, Montreal, Moskow, New York, Oporto, Osaka, Paris, Prato, Seoul, Shanghai, Stockholm, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto... and more will come!

Printedfabrics is part of a wider group of textile collections suitable for every development: fashion students, upholstery and home decor manufacturers, fashion developers and of course garment production need every day new fabrics and new sources for their project. We can provide many solutions.
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